Painting Upholstery Instead of Replacing It

At Elizabeth Joan Designs, Erin scored these twin barcaloungers free from a Craigslist ad.  “And they were is great condition,” Erin notes.  “No funky smell. No nasty stains. Only a small amount of dust and hair clung on for its life as I vacuumed them off.”

Elizabeth Joan Designs painted chair before

Despite their excellent condition, the hunter green upholstery was a bit dated.  Erin had seen some tutorials on Pinterest for painting upholstery, and decided these were the perfect chairs to experiment with.  I won’t go into the details of how she painted these, but I will say that Erin discovered these chairs could soak up a lot of paint!  Once the upholstery was painted, she gave the wooden legs a coat of white paint to match the newly gray upholstery.  I think the chairs look unbelievably good!

Elizabeth Joan Designs painted chair after

Find out more about what paint Erin used and what techniques worked best on this upholstery painting project at Elizabeth Joan Designs.

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