First Furniture Purchase Gets a Little Love

Over at A Little Claireification, this dresser was the first piece of furniture Claire purchased after she graduated from college.  It was in her bedroom until she and her husband could afford a bedroom set, then went to live in her oldest son’s room and has been there ever since.

A Little Claireification dresser before

Now that her son has gone off to college, Claire decided it was time to turn his old room into a crafting space…with a futon for his visits home.  She decided to give the dresser a facelift since it was going to stay in the room.  After priming the dresser with chalk paint, Claire simply gave the whole thing several coats of spray paint.  She used white for the body and a pretty blue for the drawers.  New glass knobs complete the update.  Doesn’t it look perfect for a craft room?

A Little Claireification dresser after

Learn more about this dresser rescue at A Little Claireification.


  1. I see a lot of posts using Chalk Paint as a primer? What is the purpose of this type of paint and why is it used?

    LOVE the site!


  2. Aw, Beckie thanks so much for featuring my little dresser project! I still have a ton to learn about chalk paint so I am also going to check out that review you mentioned above and in the meanwhile, thanks so much again. Made my day. :)

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