Junk + Junk + More Junk = New Couch

At Redoux Interiors, Karen shares an incredible furniture creation.  She made this couch almost entirely from junky finds:  a headboard, garage door panels, and pieces from a twin bed.  You’ve got to see it to believe it!

Redoux Interiors junque couch before

When you see the before pictures, it takes a lot of imagination to figure out how these rescued items made one pretty couch.  Karen envisioned the headboard as the back of the couch.  She saw that the garage door panels, if they were cut down, could make armrests and end pieces for the couch.  Some old bed rails became the decorative piece in the front of the couch, just under the seat.  Karen found some round legs in her spare parts cupboard, and made the cushion from repurposed comforters.  The body of the couch was painted with  CeCe Caldwell’s Vermont Slate.  The “junque couch”, as Karen calls it, is a lovely addition to her front room.

Redoux Interiors couch after

Learn more about the construction of this couch at Redoux Interiors.

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