A Piano Makeover that You’ve Got to See to Believe

Becky blogs over at This is Happiness.  Recently, her son began taking piano lessons, which meant it was past time for their family to own a piano.  Lucky for them, the Craigslist gods were smiling, and the first time Becky checked the “free” section of Craigslist, this piano was available.

This is Happiness piano before

Since the piano was in fairly decent shape, they went ahead and brought it home.  Becky’s husband went ahead and removed a few of the front pieces of the instrument, so he could check out the mechanics inside.  While the pieces were off, they decided there was no reason they shouldn’t experiment with painting the piano–especially since they already had a gallon of pale gray paint in the garage!  The paint job turned out unbelievably well, as did the piano bench that Becky reupholstered with coordination fabric.  Gorgeous!

This is Happiness piano after

Find out more about this piano rescue by clicking over to This is Happiness.

RoadKill Rescue

8 thoughts on “A Piano Makeover that You’ve Got to See to Believe

    1. I think I need a friend who will help me with makeovers like this–it looks like a TON of work, but the results are so, so good!

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