Upcycled Sweater Turns into Autumn Art

This faded orange cable knit sweater was headed for the rag bag when Nici rescued it from a yard sale, along with an embroidery hoop.  She used both castoffs to make some delightful fall decor over at Posed Perfection.

Posed Perfection sweater before

First, Nici created a cardboard template the size of her embroidery hoop.  She covered it with quilt batting for some extra fluff, and topped that with a circle cut from the cable knit sweater.  It took some muscle, but Nici got the outside hoop over everthing and tied off the top with a jute “stem.”  Adorable!

Posed Perfection sweater after

View a detailed tutorial for this project at Posed Perfection.


  1. Thanks so much for featuring my Orange Sweater Hoop Pumpkin! What a fun surprise this morning! Much appreciated!

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