Trashed Shelf Gets a Second Chance

“This was one of my first rescues,” confesses Rhonda from Obsessive and Creative.  “I saw it in front of a neighbor’s house on big trash day. I could not explain why I had picked it up. It was in such bad shape no one would understand!” she laughs.

Obsessive and Creative little shelf before

Rhonda put the shelf up in her attic, and there it stayed for months until she ran out of other furniture to refinish, and turned to it as a last resort.  The shelf was definitely homemade, and she guessed that it had been built for storage in someone’s garage.  Rhonda, however, envisioned other possibilities for this little shelf.  In an effort to cover up some of the imperfections, Rhonda added some old spindles that she had on hand to trim of the edges of the shelf.  Next, she primed and painted it.  “I was going to sell it,” Rhonda says,  “but after it was refurbished I fell in love with it!  It lives in my entry way now.”  What a change!

Obsessive and Creative little shelf after

To get more information on this worn out shelf rescue, click over to Obsessive and Creative.

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