The Seahorse That Just Drifted In

Creative in Chicago has a “secret beach” where she and her husband go to collect bundles of driftwood.  Isn’t driftwood lovely?  I really like the muted shades and smooth feel of it.

Creative in Chicago driftwood before

Bringing the driftwood home, Creative came up with a pretty amazing new way to display her find.  She started by sketching a large shape–of a seahorse–onto cardboard.  She cut out the posterboard, and began fitting the sticks of driftwood onto it, glueing them down as she went.  The result was a this beautifully textural seahorse art that Creative promptly hung up on her wall!

Creative in Chicago driftwood after

View the tutorial for this driftwood art at Creative in Chicago.

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7 thoughts on “The Seahorse That Just Drifted In

  1. Wow! Not really into beachy, sea-life style decor (such as starfish, seashells, etc.-although I do love going to the beach), but this is striking.

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