Pallet Wood + Pretty Frame = Pure Fall Goodness

Allison of The Golden Sycamore has had some pallets sitting in her driveway that she’d been meaning to repurpose.  “Since we also have lots of furniture and random accessories in our basement, I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone,” Allison tells us.  “I took this large mirror that we weren’t using and a pallet to create an art display for our living room.”

The Golden Sycamore mirror and pallet before

The steps for this project were fairly simple, according to Allison.  Her husband ripped apart the pallet and laid out the boards horizontally.  Allison removed the mirror from it’s frame (no worries, she’s saving it for another project) and painted the frame white.  Once the frame was painted, it was ready to hold the “canvas” of pallet wood.  While this rustic backdrop will be perfect for all kinds of future seasonal decor, right now Allison has it dressed up for fall with some cute decor items.  I love it!

The Golden Sycamore project feature

If you’ve FALLen in love with this pallet project, visit The Golden Sycamore to see the tutorial for making one of your own.

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