Kitchen Herb Planter from Found Objects

Justynn blogs at Creative Life Antics.  “A friend found a great pallet for me from his work and I’ve been saving it for a project,” she explains.  The project she decided to use it for was a kitchen herb garden.

Creative Life Antics pallet before

To make this indoor garden, Justynn started by taking the pallet apart.  She used the pallet wood to construct a simple box.  Then the fun began!  “Since this was a Kitchen theme, I decided that the handles for my box needed to be silverware.” Justynn explains.  “I found a great spatula and serving fork and used a hammer and an unused piece of wood to bend them into handles for my box.”  Sticking to the them, she planted her herbs in old kitchen receptacles–like a coffee pot–and set them in the box surrounded by rocks.  What a great kitchen decor idea–I love it!

Creative Life Antics pallet after

View more fun details about this kitchen herb planter at Creative Life Antics.


  1. Wow, long time reader of this site, so excited to see one of my projects! Thank you :)

  2. Beautiful :)
    can’t wait to grow my own herbs! already growing basil but would love to grow all possible herbs.
    Thank you for inspiring me!
    Tatiana x

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