Junky Cabinet Shifts Continents for a Completely New Look

Deb blogs at India Pied-a-Terre.  This little cabinet was a contribution to their household from her husband’s bachelor days.  “I’ve hated this Danish style cabinet and was ready it get rid of it and replace it.  The cabinet shook when you opened and closed the doors and the doors were always crooked.  Plus it was boring!” she exclaims.

India Pied a Terre danish mod cabinet before

What Deb hoped to replace the cabinet with was an antique Chinese sideboard, but that was pricey!  Instead of forking out all that money, she decided to see what she could do with the cabinet they already had, first.  To make the old cabinet a bit more substantial, Deb covered the particle board with plywood.  She applied a print of Chinese wallpaper purchased from a museum shop to the doors and painted the cabinet with a custom mix of Bayberry Green and Driftwood from The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company.  The finishing touch was finding reproduction “antique” Chinese hardware for the cabinet pulls.  The results are amazing!  Deb says, “I got the Chinese cabinet I always wanted! It’s staying with me forever now!”

India Pied a Terra danish mod cabinet after

Deb provides a detailed tutorial for how she remade this cabinet at India Pied-a-Terre.

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