Incredible Curbside Find: An Antique Desk!

At Eve of Reduction, Cristin was just driving along one day when, as she tells it, “I came across this to-die-for antique desk on the side of the road and my eyes dropped out of my head. What luck!”

Eve of Reduction desk before

The desk was fully functional, but it did have some issues with the finish.  There were a few scratches in the veneer that weren’t going to sand out easily.  Cristin chose to leave the parts of the desk with the least cosmetic damage alone (the drawers and desk top), and paint the rest, giving the desk a modernized two-tone effect.  She used Valspar’s Smokey Mountain for the base, with an added accent of red here and there.  The finishing touch was the addition of small wheels to the legs of the desk.  What a transformation!

Eve of Reduction desk after

Cristin points out that adding wheels to the desk makes it extremely versatile–go check out her other ideas at Eve of Reduction.

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8 thoughts on “Incredible Curbside Find: An Antique Desk!

  1. Your painted desk is just lovely. I really like the colors you choose. I almost fell off my chair when I saw the original version. I have almost the exact same desk. However mine was a vanity that belonged to a bedroom suite that my parents bought for my sister and I in the spring of 1959!! We had split up the set between us, I ended up with the vanity, refinished it in 1971 and made it into a desk:) mine only has two large drawers on top, but the style of the legs and all the trim down to the hardware is exactly the same as mine. I just thought it was kind of interesting and might give you some idea of how old yours is. The desk has never been changed since 1971, has been moved numerous times and still looks great!! Thank you for letting me share my vanity/desk story with you.

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