Dumpster Desk Gets A Second Chance

Over  at Redoux Interiors, Karen says she found this desk on “One glorious morning of Dumpster Diving at my favorite Apartment Dumpsters spot.  The desk was SOLID wood, but had a very sad and abused top.”  Karen saw potential, and took it home.

Redoux Interiors desk before

Here’s a handy tip for fellow dumpster divers:  Karen points out that, despite the top being in terrible shape, this desk had a lot going for it.  “This was a rare find, solid wood, CHECK.  All Drawers present, CHECK, no broken or missing legs, CHECK,” she laughs.  Look for those things in a desk and you know it’s good.  After heavily sanding away the layers on top of the desk, Karen base coated the entire piece in CeCe Caldwell’s Virginia Chestnut.  She followed that with two coats of CeCe Caldwell’s Vintage White, topped with a tobacco brown tinted glaze of her own making.  New glass knobs were the final touch for this desk.  Doesn’t it look great sporting a shabby chic look?

Redoux Interiors desk after

Get all the details on this desk rescue at Redoux Interiors.

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