A Mini Kitchen Renovation

At Night Owl Corner, Linda explains, “My dad built this play kitchen for my sister and I when we were kids.  It’s been up in the attic collecting dust for the past two decades until I decided to freshen it up for my own daughter. I told my Dad he did a great job building it but it needed a woman’s touch in terms of color!”

Night Owl Corner play kitchen before

Before adding any color, Linda took the time to sand down the old finish and cover it with a stain blocking primer.  She painted the kitchen in cheerful pastels.  Next, the kitchen got a few updates:  a plexiglas “window” for the oven, a new sink made from a restaurant warming tray, new hardware, and even new burners for the stove.  For those, Linda says, “I spray painted cork mats silver and cut strips to look like burners from glitter foam sheets.”  As you can imagine, Linda’s little daughter was thrilled by the new kitchen, and it looks like it will enjoy years more of imaginary play.

Night Owl Corner play kitchen after

Learn more about this sweet play kitchen renovation at Night Owl Corner.

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