Vintage Sewing Machine Table Repurposed

The blogger at Full Circle Creations writes, “Two years ago my Aunt Barb (aka the Free Stuff Fairy) brought me this antique sewing machine base.  It’s been sitting in one of the grain bins, waiting for me to decide what to do with it.”

Full Circle Creations sewing machine table

The sewing machine table was lovely on its own, but not incredibly useful.  This blogger decided that the addition of a shelf would make all the difference.  She added the shelf and refinished the wood top, then stood back and took a look at the little table.  “I thought the black was tired and old (not in a good way) looking, so I decided to paint it,” she says.  After the base of the table got a coat of fresh white, it really did look transformed.

Full Circle Creations sewing machine table after

Find out more about this repurposed and refinished sewing machine table at Full Circle Creations.

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