Updating a Brass Chandelier with Spray Paint

At Homespun with Love, a dining room chandelier was getting a little too brassy for its homeowners.  “We looked for some time trying to find a reasonably priced replacement that would suit our decor taste, but try we did with no luck.”

Homespun with Love chandelier before

The solution was to paint the old brass chandelier.  They started with a coat of black primer, followed by Rustoleum in Walnut, a dark brown.  The finishing touch was to install a ceiling medallion painted to match the light, an elegant addition.  The freshly painted chandelier looks like a brand new fixture!

Homespun with Love chandelier after

Get more details on this rescue at Homespun with Love.

RoadKill Rescue

8 thoughts on “Updating a Brass Chandelier with Spray Paint

  1. It’s so funny to see this post! I was just getting ready to go out and spray paint a free chandelier/light fixture hot pink that I plan to hang on our patio as a decoration for my daughter’s princess party. Love the total, awesome transformation!

  2. Very nice. I was thinking at first, “Oh no, I bet it’s going to be painted turquoise.” I’m getting pretty tired of that color in the DIY blogosphere. This was a nice surprise.

  3. I am sorry if its my eyes again..but these look like two different chandeliers and I mean in style…not color…both pretty

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