This Island Was Deserted…Then Rescued!

Laurie of Laurie Jones Home tells us, “I found this kitchen island sitting on the side of the road and quickly grabbed it.”  It was pretty grimy and the bottom was buckled with water damage, but she could see it’s potential.

Laurie Jones Home kitchen island before

At home, Laurie spent two days wiping the island off with bleach over and over again and letting it dry.  She sanded and prepped the piece, then painted the base of the island (which was laminate and required special primer) in “Mountain Smoke” from the Pantone Color Line at Lowe’s.  She stained the wood on the top of the island with Rustoleum’s wood stain in “Kona”.  Laurie even spray painted the island hardware and wire baskets with an oil rubbed bronze color.  Seeing the finished island, you’d never guess it was once put on the roadside for trash collection–it’s simply beautiful, now.

Laurie Jones Home kitchen island after

Get all the details of this makeover at Laurie Jones Home.

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8 thoughts on “This Island Was Deserted…Then Rescued!

  1. I am always blown away by people like Laurie. Just wow. Love that she could see this “trash” as what it could be, rather than what it was.

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