Pop of Color for a Vintage Dresser

Kelly blogs over at Primer and Painted Nails.  “I got a call from my neighbor the other day because her sister had several pieces of furniture she just wanted gone,” she says.  This dresser was one of them.

Primer and Pinated Nails dresser before

At first, Kelly thought she’d give away the dresser, but as she was watching TV one night, she realized that she needed to keep the dresser and turn it into a new media console.  She removed the top drawer and replaced it with a shelf.  The dresser got a coat of creamy white paint.  Kelly painted the inside of the remaining drawers bright turquoise for some visual interest.  The drawer pulls were painted cherry red for an added pop of color.  It’s now a fun, colorful media console!

Primer and Painted Nails dresser after

Get more details on this makeover at Primer and Painted Nails.

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One thought on “Pop of Color for a Vintage Dresser

  1. I refinished a dresser for my mother back in the day where someone had painted over wood and marble. I was floored. It is nice to see painting wood be used to turn an unloved dresser into a custom media console.

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