Oval Coffee Table Gets a Few Flourishes

Bev blogs at Give Me a Paintbrush.  She says, “When this coffee table came to me, it was clear that it was vintage, yet in need of some TLC.”

Give Me a Paintbrush table before

Lucky for Bev (and the little table) she won a Silhouette craft cutting machine about the same time she got the coffee table.  That happy surprise totally determined the direction she took to give this tale a brand new look.  After painting the table white, Bev cut out floral embellishments in black vinyl to add to the tabletop.  The result is a pretty table with lots of visual interest.

Give Me a Paintbrush table after

Find out more about Bev’s lucky coffee table at Give Me a Paintbrush.


  1. Thank you for featuring my Oval Coffee Table! I am over the top excited to see it here! <3

    Bev at Give Me A Paintbrush

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