Little Vintage Table Gets a Fresh Face

“As I’ve been clearing out inventory in my storage unit, I’ve been coming across all sorts of things I forgot I owned like this adorable child’s card table. Sweet little vintage piece!” exclaims Sarah at Home-Ology.

Home-Ology vintage card table before

Sarah liked the color and the worn finish of the metal parts of the table, but the dingy vinyl top–not so much.  She sealed the metal base with clear enamel.  (“Sealing it protects the little ones from harm while allowing me to enjoy the vintage patina that it has,” she notes.)  The top was easily replaced with oilcloth in a pretty pattern that matched the vintage metal.  Adorable!

Home-Ology vintage card table after

Get all the details on this makeover at Home-Ology.

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4 thoughts on “Little Vintage Table Gets a Fresh Face

  1. How would you work with the glued on fabric/vinyl that would have been on the matching chair backs? The chair seats would be just like the table top, but the glued on part of the chair back seems to be harder to figure out. Is there a product that can get the old dried glue off? Then would you glue on more of similar material? Would you consider powder coating the pieces? I am not sure that I like the patina. Mine table and chairs is identical to this one, only with red vinyl.Thanks for any comments.

    1. Jo, that’s a great question. Click over to the featured blog and repeat the question in her comments, as well. Maybe someone will have the answer.

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