Getting Many Uses from One Piece of Furniture

Dean and Shannon blog at AKA Design.  Recently, they shared the evolution of one piece of furniture in their home.  I think it’s a great example of how creative thinking can keep just about any item in your home from going curbside.

AKA Design hutch before

To start with, this hutch was a “step back” cupboard that Dean built for Shannon.  At the time, they were into a more rustic decor scheme.  In the years since, they’ve change homes more than once and along with that, their decorating tastes have evolved.  Instead of trashing the cupboard, they brought it along with them and let it evolve right along with them.  It’s been used as two separate pieces in two different rooms, painted, given new hardware, and served many different purposes.  Recently, it’s had another update and looks great as a decorative piece in their current dining room.

AKA Design hutch after

Check out how this one cupboard was used in many ways at AKA Design.

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