Benched: Trash Bound Headboard Gets Repurposed

Brian of Fool4Peppers tells me that he found this headboard in his neighbor’s trash.  He’s transformed a few headboards into benches already, so he was definitely ready to go to work on another bench with this one.

Foool4Peppers headboard before

Unlike his other headboard benches, Brian decided to use the footboard in a different way.  He used it as a decorative accent at the lower front of this bench, instead of turning into arm rests.  It’s a fun departure from the bench headboards you usually see.  He sprayed the bench down with white paint, and now it’s ready for a new home.  Great job, Brian!

Fool4Peppers headboard after

View step by step pictures of this process at Fool4Peppers.

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6 thoughts on “Benched: Trash Bound Headboard Gets Repurposed

  1. Very CUTE……..that bench can go just about anywhere and its design will work, BRAVO, Love & Blessings to you/yours…

  2. I did a double take. I HAD this bed for years! It was a hand-me-down from my parents. But I upgraded when I married from a full to a queen, and this was donated. NOW I’m wishing I’d been this kind of genius and created this! Great make-over.

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