Yellow Polka Dot Tray Table

Leanne blogs at Organize and Decorate Everything.  After keeping a plaid rooster tray table in storage for a long time, she decided it was time to either get rid of it or update it.

organize and decorate everything before

Luckily for us, Leanne chose to update her tray table to a much more aesthetically pleasing look!  She started by spraying the legs with metallic silver spray paint.  Then, she bid Mr. Rooster goodbye with a coat of yellow spray paint to cover the tray.  Leanne added the finishing details by tracing one inch circles on the top of the tray, then filling them in with silver Sharpie marker.  To seal the paint and marker, she applied a clear coat spray to the tray.  I love the way this turned out!  The fresh, modern look is a far cry from rooster plaid, isn’t it?

organize and decorate everything after

Click over to Organize and Decorate Everything for more details about how Leanne updated this awesome table!

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