Steampunk Style Clock Makeover

“When a fellow junker handed this non-working, missing-parts clock to me and challenged me to do something with it, I had to give it a try!” exclaims Sheila of Plum Doodles.  “With all the lovely exposed brass gears, I immediately thought of the steampunk look and decided to make the clock into a steampunk ‘time machine’ lamp.”

Plum Doodles steampunk clock before

The first and biggest step of this makeover was cleaning off all the grime–including a huge, dead spider that was hanging out inside!  Next, Sheila added a clip light that was leftover from a Christmas village. She rummaged through her husband’s stash of parts and found some tiny brass gears and doodads which she glue on with epoxy to add additional steampunk flair.  Instead of refinishing the wood, she polished it up so that scratches would be minimized but it would retain it’s vintage feel.  Super fun, right?

Plum Doodles steampunk clock after

Find out more about this project at Plum Doodles.

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5 thoughts on “Steampunk Style Clock Makeover

  1. I’m a huge fan of repurposing older items, and there is certainly no lack thereof in our new home (which used to belong to hubby’s paternal grandparents). I’ve got years of make-over material for my blog. :O) Thanks for showing this great project!

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