An Old Mirror Literally Gets Pinned

“I found a grody old cheval mirror on the tree lawn a few months back,” says Jenny of Craft Test Dummies.  After taking some time to consider what to do with this free find, she decided to turn it into a pin board.

Craft Test Dummies pin board before

“It only took me about two hours to make and the cost… almost free! I had everything I needed on hand except the picture wire,” Jenny notes happily.  She removed the mirror frame from the base, which was pretty much useless due to weather damage.  She upholstered foam core board to fit inside the frame with pretty fabric from HGTV’s line.  It functions perfectly and looks lovely as the bulletin board in Jenny’s home office.

Craft Test Dummies pin board after

Get more information on this project at Craft Test Dummies.


  1. I Play Outside The Box says:

    I enjoy all your features…but this one is loaded with Malwaare…I got the warning on my computer when I went to the link.

  2. Going over to pin this, too cute.
    (I got no malware warning)


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