Keeping Track of the Week with an Old Window

Karen blogs at Dogs Don’t Eat Pizza, where she was lucky enough to find a pile of old windows on the curb that her neighbor was throwing away.  She’s been having fun figuring out how to reuse all those windows.

Dogs Don't Eat Pizza window before

Her latest project used a window to create a memo board.  Karen explains, “I needed a calendar for my office/desk area, but I didn’t want to buy another dry erase calendar/memo board.”  She wanted something pretty to put behind the glass, and realized that wrapping paper was an easy solution that she already had on hand.  “The whole project took me a little more than an hour and cost me nothing, because I had all the supplies on hand,” Karen says.  It’s so fun and colorful!

Dogs Don't Eat Pizza window after

Find out more about this project–like how Karen put the wrapping paper behind glass–at Dogs Don’t Eat Pizza.

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