Kitchen Cart Made Fabulous

Over at May Richer Fuller Be, Chaney was visiting her parent’s at their river house when she spotted this unsightly kitchen cart in their garage.  Turns out, it was something that the previous homeowners had left behind.  Chaney was able to see past the nasty orange color an imagine the potential in this cart.

May Richer Fuller Be kitchen cart before

She started the makeover by giving the cart a good sanding.  Next, she gave it several coats of spray paint, using the ever-popular Krlyon  Ocean Blue Gloss.  Once the paint dried, a bright pink placemat fit perfectly on the top of the cart, and covered up a few imperfections.  It looks amazing all styled up on the screened porch, doesn’t it?

May Richer Fuller Be kitchen cart after

Find out more about how this pretty kitchen cart was transformed at May Richer Fuller Be.

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