Drab to Fab Scalloped Lamp

At Pig and Paint, Alison originally purchased this lamp many years ago, adorned with a heavy 70’s rust-colored, bead-trimmed shade.  Over the years she held on to it, switching out the lamp shade for the one shown in this picture, but never really loving the look.  So finally she transformed it into a glamorous lamp that could live in her master bedroom!

pig and paint before

Alison started by painting the awesome monkey base a glossy white, giving it a much more modern vibe.  Then she went to town on the lamp shade, using a fabric fish scale technique to create the scalloped look.  She cut out several 2 inch circles and half circles from gray fabric, and hot glued half circles around the bottom of the shade.  Alison worked her way up the shade, layering circles and applying just a small dot of hot glue at the top of each circle to allow the fabric to hang freely.  She hot glued half circles around the top of the shade before adding her last row of circles.  To finish the top and bottom edges, Alison cut long strips of fabric, folded them over and hot glued them, essentially creating a faux seam, then glued them in place.  I love the scalloped look Alison achieved!  Oh hot glue, is there anything you can’t do?

pig and paint after

Get all the details on Alison’s process for creating the scalloped look over at Pig and Paint!


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