Cheap Clothespins to Star-Spangled Wreath

Shannah blogs at Just Us Four.  She recently used some cheap, ordinary clothespins to make a show-stopping wreath for July Fourth!

just us four before

To start, Shannah wrapped a flat wreath form in ribbon.  Then she super glued clothespins all the way around the wreath, giving it a sunburst look.  Shannah alternated three patriotic, coordinating washi tape rolls and attached a piece of tape to each clothespin.  After trimming the tape to fit the clothespins, she brushed on a little mod podge to seal the tape.  A star-spangled scarf from the dollar store was the perfect way to hang Shannah’s festive wreath!  I don’t know about you, but I’m in love with this simple and inexpensive wreath idea!  Way to go, Shannah!

just us four after

Find out more about Shannah’s festive wreath at Just Us Four.

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    1. I think so too, Johanna! Yes, when I saw it my mind was spinning with all the possibilities that stem from this! I love being inspired like that! Thanks for your comment!

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