New Life for a Carved Dresser

It was a wrong turn that brought this dresser into Jen’s (aka Girl In the Garage) life.  “On the side of the curb I saw this huge, sad, ugly dresser.  I cannot even imagine what kind of hideously 80′s bedroom decor this was once a part of,” she laughs.

Girl in the Garage dresser before

As badly damaged as it was, Jen still managed to fall in love with the carved cupboard doors.  She admits, though, that those carved doors were a bear to paint!  “The dresser was disgustingly filthy, there were a million little grooves on the doors, and I got discouraged,” she says.  Not all makeovers are smooth sailing!  After what seemed like a billion coats of paint, the dresser was a soft gray.  Jen renewed the existing hardware with glossy black paint.  The finished dresser is astonishingly beautiful–especially when you compare it to the before pictures!

Girl  in the Garage dresser after

Find out more about this makeover at Girl in the Garage.

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5 thoughts on “New Life for a Carved Dresser

  1. This is beautiful – it is hard to believe that it is the same piece of furniture. The original piece looks ugly but the finished piece is beautiful! I showed my husband and all he said was “oh it’s white now”…!!

    Congratulations on a fab makeover.

  2. I found something similar on the side of the road! It has 6 drawers and a cabinet in the middle and this AWFUL fake wood carving on the front of the cabinet and drawers. It’s pressed wood and the top is warped. Should I clean it up and repainted or replace the top first?

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