Aircraft Turbine Parts to Mirror Art

Jen blogs at Decor Sanity.  While thrifting one day, she came across these metal industrial rings.  Jen was fascinated, realizing that, “They are both turbine pieces, part of the engine on an airplane.”

Decor Sanity aircraft parts before

Taking the engine pieces home, Jen decided to make an industrial-style art piece for her mantel with them.  She had a glass shop cut a mirror to fit the smaller of the two engine pieces, and carefully glued it inside  She hung the smaller, mirrored piece inside the larger ring.  Amazing, right?  “So when you see a piece of junk, never say never,” Jen advises. “It just might be the mirror you know you didn’t need but you decided you had to have.”

Decor Sanity mirror art after

Get more info about this project at Decor Sanity.

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