Wooden Pig Redo

At The Thrifty Challenge, Lisa found this painted wooden pig in the “free” piled at a local market.  She decided to bring the pig home and give it a new life.

The Thrifty Challenge pig before

“I’ve just got a thing for wooden animals,” Lisa says, “and I could see it as a cute little chalkboard.”  Talk about a good imagination!  She painted it with chalkboard paint, but decided it needed something else to add pizzazz.  A row of polka-dots painted around the edge of the pig chalkboard gave it just the touch of whimsy Lisa thought it needed.  She notes, “Pigs always remind me of the parable of the prodigal son and how the son ate worse than the pigs but when he came back his father celebrated and was glad. My little piggy has a special space in the kitchen now to remind me daily to celebrate and be glad.”

The Thrifty Challenge pig after

Learn more about this pig chalkboard at The Thrifty Challenge.

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