Vintage Window to Bathroom Towel Rack

At House by Hoff, April tells about her latest rescue.  “My husband and I came across a stack of probably 20 huge, old windows on the side of the road a few months ago.  I’m not sure if it’s how loud I shrieked for him to pull over, or his quick reflexes, but either way we were in a stranger’s driveway taking their old windows before I could fully process my luck!”

House by Hoff window before

April’s idea for the first window was to turn it into a towel rack for her master bathroom.  Before it could become a towel rack, the window had to be thoroughly cleaned.  “I was concerned that the paint on this window might be a lead-based paint,” she explains.  “Since I wanted to retain the chippy, shabby look, but didn’t want paint chips to occasionally fall to the floor, I used a water-based polycrylic to seal the window.”  A few hooks added to the bottom of the window completed the new towel rack.  I want one for my bathroom!

House by Hoff window after

You can find out more about this project at House by Hoff.

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