Vintage Audio Reel Art

Anu has a great idea for Father’s Day over at Nalle’s House.  She created some three dimensional art for her husband’s office using a vintage audio reel that she swiped from her own father’s collection.

Nalle's House audio reel before

Initially, Anu intended to hang the reel on the wall.  Then she had second thoughts, and realized that if she could find a way to display it, the reel would look great as a stand-alone art piece.  With some help for her husband (who had the great idea to use a threaded metal rod to mount the reel) she was able to create a stunning display.  It has such an artsy/industrial vibe, don’t you think?  I know a lot of guys who would love to have something like this in their offices!

Nalle's House audio reel art after

Learn more about this project at Nalle’s House.


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