Popcorn Tin Lampshade

Jess blogs at Bright Green Door.  She was delighted recently to find a honeycomb lamp at Target, but when she brought it home, “every lampshade I owned was either too big or too small and I couldn’t find ANYTHING the right size,” Jess confesses.

Bright Green Door popcorn tin before

Sometimes desperation is the best inspiration:  Jess thought of a popcorn tin leftover from Christmas.  It was just the right size!  After a trial run to make sure it wouldn’t overheat, she gave it two coats of gold spray paint.  The “new” lampshade looks like it was made to go with the lamp.  Great idea, Jess!

Bright Green Door popcorn tin after

Find out more about this upcycling project at Bright Green Door.

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7 thoughts on “Popcorn Tin Lampshade

  1. This is so clever! I had to click through to see how on earth she did it!

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