Moroccan Stenciled Desk Makeover

At Savvy Young Something, Sarah bought a solid wood white desk on Craigslist shortly after moving into a new house.  She admitted that the desk needed a lot of work, but sat in her basement for about five months.  I’m glad I’m not the only one who has to let projects sit on the back burner sometimes!

savvy young something before

But the way Sarah transformed the desk was worth the wait.  Since the paint was flaking off, had drips from a spray paint attempt by the previous owner, and was totally uneven, Sarah sanded the desk down through those layers.  Then she painted it white and decided to stencil the top of the desk to give it an extra flair.  Sarah found a picture of a Moroccan pattern online, and used it to create a stencil out of a manila envelope.  She traced the pattern onto the desktop with pencil, then filled it in with lovely beet-colored paint.  New hardware was the finishing touch to give Sarah’s desk a bright new beginning!  Isn’t that stenciled Moroccan pattern exquisite?

savvy young something after

Find out how Sarah created her intricate stencil by visiting Savvy Young Something!

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