Francophile Chest Makeover

Over at Rendition Road, Stacey tells us, “I found this solid, hand built chest tossed curbside & took her home.  I could tell it was hand built by someone who knew what they were doing. She was in such bad shape though, cleanliness wise, that she needed some intensive care once I got her home.”

Rendition Road wood box before

After some deep cleaning and primer, the chest was ready for a touch of vintage France.  Stacey handpainted the design on the top of the chest, referring to some old French graphics.  Stacey even refinished the chest’s hardward before she reattached it.  “Now the possibilities of how she could be used or displayed are endless!” she points out.  Isn’t that an impressive makeover?

Rendition Road after collage

Find out more about how Stacey applied that awesome graphic at Rendition Road.

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2 thoughts on “Francophile Chest Makeover

  1. WOW – can’t believe Stacey hand painted that graphic? – Its perfect- she is an amazing artist. Great job.

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