Farmhouse Cabinet from Old Window

At Denise on a Whim, Denise had an old window and decided it would be fun to turn it into a cabinet.  She collects strawberry decor, and thought a rustic cabinet would be a good place to keep her collection.

Vintage Window

First, Denise’s husband made the base of the cabinet out of pallet wood.  They attached chicken wire to the window before they hinged it onto the cabinet base.  Denise painted  the inside of the shelf a cheerful strawberry pink.  What a whimsical addition to Denise’s home!

Denise on a Whim vintage window cabinet

You can find out more about this project at Denise on a Whim.



  1. I noticed the traffic from here on my blog stats and came over to find out why. Thanks for showing off the cabinet here Beckie! What a great surprise. :)

    • You are so welcome! I couldn’t find your email address, or you would have known earlier. Cute project!

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