Beach Chairs Refabbed

Over at Crafts a la Mode, Linda was driving along one day when she spotted a pile of free goodies on the side of the road.  It was all good stuff, including two folding beach chairs.

Crafts a la Mode beach chair before

Linda knew with a little TLC the beach chairs had a lot of potential.  She stripped off the old canvas seats and went to work on the wooden frames with a can of bright, summery green spray paint.  Using the old canvas seats as her pattern, she made new seats from a pretty striped outdoor fabric.  Linda added a colorful accent pillow to each chair, and now they are set up in her backyard to be enjoyed for many a lazy summer day to come.  Aren’t they the picture of summer?

Crafts a la Mode beach chair after

You can get more info on this project at Crafts a la Mode.

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6 thoughts on “Beach Chairs Refabbed

  1. I have two stored away. i never knew they could look so cute! Love, love, love this exceptional restore!

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