American Flag from Pallet Wood

Alex at Happy, Healthy, & Domestic has a husband who loves American flags and anything patriotic.  She decided to surprise him with some new flag decor by making use of an old pallet she had on hand.

Happy Healthy Domestic pallet flag before

She started this project by ripping apart the pallet.  Once all the boards were off, Alex lined them up to make a rectangle shape.  Once she had that done, Alex says, “I studied very carefully the dimensions and proportions of the United States flag on Wikipedia. With my measuring tape, yard stick, and a pencil I measured and marked out the sripes and canton – or union, the blue part.”  The last step was painting the flag in classic red, white, and blue.  It looks amazing!

Happy Healthy Domestic pallet flag after

Find out how Alex got all 50 stars to look so good over at Happy, Healthy, & Domestic.

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