Using an Old Canvas

Over at Marisa Howard Design, Marisa had an old, beaten up canvas lying around.  she decided to use it to inject some extra color into her home.

Marisa Howard Design canvas before

Marisa has a technique she uses to give her canvases the look of painted faux wood.  She starts by brushing on Mod Podge, then before it dries she paints on the color that she wants to use.  “The bristles in the brush kind of mix the Modge Podge and the paint together to form a striaded look, kind of like wood grain. In some areas the paint actually pulls apart and when I dry brush black paint over the dried canvas, these areas really stand out and give that rustic feel,” Marisa explains.  Once she created the cool wood effect, she finished off the canvas with some inspiring words.  The finished artwork is happy and colorful!

Marisa Howard Design canvas after

You can learn more about how Marisa makes artwork like this at Marisa Howard Design.


  1. Johanna Kidd says:

    I just love the artwork idea, altho Im not painter I think thats cool! I get so many ideas from this site, just love,love,love it! Thank you…

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