Turquoise Carved Side Table

The side table in this makeover was a true rescue.  Shanna explains why at Restoration Redoux, “A girlfriend of mine was throwing out this table and when I went to pick it up I knew why. It was scratched, filthy and weighed about a thousand pounds!”

Restoration Redoux side table before

Despite the cons of the piece, Shanna could see a lot of pros, like the sturdy frame and intricate carving.  To give it a new look, she tells us, “I painted it with aqua DIY chalkpaint, gave it a paint glaze, coated it in wax and shined up the hardware. I might be keeping this piece since it would take four people to lift it out of my house!” Shanna laughs.  I definitely wouldn’t be broken hearted if it had to stay at my house–that’s a gorgeous makeover!

Restoration Redoux side table after

You can find out more about this project at Restoration Redoux.

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