Pallet and Plate Wall Art

At House by Hoff, April had a blank wall in her dining area that needed a little something.  “I considered doing some pallet art.  I considered hanging some plates,” she says.  “Then, in a moment of sheer genius, I considered doing both.”

House by Hoff pallet wood before

April sent her husband out to find a pallet, and he was good enough to spot this one on the side of the road and bring it home.  Together, they took apart the pallet, cut down the boards, and glued them back together to create simple squares.  Next, April stained the squares and sanded them until they had the roughed up, aged patina that she wanted.  Then, she used Gorilla Glue to attach pretty white plates to the squares, and hung them on the blank wall.  Simply beautiful!

House by Hoff pallet wood after

Get all the details on this project at House by Hoff.

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