Neon and Felt Vase

“When our Matilija poppies started flowering I knew I wanted to create some pretty vases to show them off,” explains Nicole of The Felted Fox.  “I used plastic bottles which I fished out of the recycling bin.”

The Felted Fox neon vase before

Along with what she had in the recycling bin, Nicole also had some felt and neon pink rope on hand.  “All it took was a bit of cleaning and a few drops of glue to make these colorful vases,” she says.   “These can also be used as desk organizers when the blooms fade.”  I love it, Nicole!  This project has all the marks of a successful Roadkill Rescue project:  materials on hand, using something that would have been sent to the trash, and just a few simple steps to create something amazing!

The Felted Fox neon vase after

You can get more info on this project at The Felted Fox.

RoadKill Rescue

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