From Old Buffet to Basement Bar

At Art is Beauty, Karin got a call from her uncle one day, asking if she would like to come get an old Federal style buffet he was clearing out of his basement.  “My hubby and I went over and picked it up,”  she tells. “It was funny because as we were picking up the buffet pieces were popping off of it and they were worried.  I said, ‘I have saved worse than this!'”

Art is Beauty bar before

Back at home, Karin started the makeover by sanding away all the gauges in the buffet top and giving it a dark, rich stain of walnut.  She mixed her own custom color of paint for the body of the piece, a pretty green.  Karin sells many of her furniture makeovers, but as soon as her husband saw this one, his first words were, “Can we keep it?” It’s enjoying a new life in their basement rec room as a bar and buffet.  Beautiful!

Art is Beauty bar after

You can find out more about Karin’s refinishing techniques at Art is Beauty.


  1. Beckie, again, THANK YOU so much for sharing my stuff! You are the BEST!

  2. What what a makeover! Beautiful!

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