Driftwood Art

Over at The Space Between, Karah doesn’t find her rescues on the roadside…she finds them on the oceanside!  Karah recently moved from an island in the Caribbean to Key West, Florida, so she has plenty of opportunities to go beach combing.  One of her favorite things to collect is driftwood.

The Space Between driftwood art before

“If you are a driftwood collector and have a backdrop and a glue gun and a spare 15 minutes, this is the project for you,” Karah says enthusiastically.  Karah used a long board that she found along the shoreline for her backdrop.  Then she simply used a glue gun to attach smaller pieces of driftwood in the shape of a fish.  I’m completely taken with this project–it’s so summery, and the colors and texture together are amazing.

The Space Between driftwood art after

You can find out more about this project at The Space Between.

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