Dresser to Media Console

Julie blogs at Simple Redesign.  When she acquired this piece, she decided that having it continue it’s life as a dresser really wasn’t an option.  “I never really liked the waffle pattern on the top drawers.  I originally tried to convince myself that it was kinda cool and different, but in the end, they had to go!” she exclaims.

Simple Redesign dresser before

So what happens when you decided to get rid of the top row of drawers in a dresser?  The dresser becomes a media console!  Julie had her husband cut a sheet of plywood to make a shelf where the drawers had been.  After lots of sanding and prep, she painted the new console a striking shade of green.  Isn’t it gorgeous?

Simple Redesign dresser after

You can learn more about this dresser transformation at Simple Redesign.

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