Thrift Art to Chic Art

April blogs at House by Hoff.  She came across one of these framed sampler prints at one Goodwill store…and then found the exact same print at a different Goodwill!  What are the chances?

House by Hoff art before

April wasn’t in love with the samplers, but the frames were fine.  She spray painted the frames with a silvery gold metallic color, and replaced the dated prints with a colorful fabric that she loved.  The fabric complements other textiles and colors in her home, and looks perfect as art on her wall!

House by Hoff art after

You can view a tutorial for this diy art project at House by Hoff.

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5 thoughts on “Thrift Art to Chic Art

  1. Fabulous idea — because I love easy ways to use great fabric AND I have this exact print/frame collecting dust in the basement!

    1. Seriously? That’s hilarious! I have plenty of fabric that I would love to show off, too…especially if I don’t have to sew it!

  2. Chris- You are not alone. I’ve gotten a few comments and facebook messages from people who have these prints! Hopefully referring to them as ugly isn’t offending anyone! :)

  3. I have that exact same one – was a gift a few years ago and so out of date. Was going to put it in my next garage sale – now I might just keep it!

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