Sunburst Mirror from a Thrifted Platter

Aly blogs at Entirely Eventful Day, where she offers a tutorial for a sunburst mirror that starts with a hilariously hideous thrift store platter.  “I forced my sister to go to the thrift store with me and when she saw me put this in the cart she was like, ‘What in the world are you possibly going to do with that?'” Aly laughs.

Entirely Eventful Day platter before

What she did was give that rainbow hue platter a calming coat of gold spray paint, then a little Rub ‘n Buff to give it a vintage patina. Then, Aly hot glued a small mirror into the center of the platter.  The result is a elegant yet fun sunburst mirror–a far cry from the ugly platter it was originally.

Entirely Eventful Day platter after

You can read more about this project at Entirely Eventful Day.


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2 thoughts on “Sunburst Mirror from a Thrifted Platter

  1. I love thrift stores (even though the ones in my area need lessons on how to price stuff) and I often notice the “junk” people put in their carts and wonder if they are really crafty or just have terrible taste. :~)

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