Pallet Clock

It’s a double hitter–two pallet projects in one day!  I just had to show off the great wall clock Mandy–and her husband–at Sugar Bee Crafts made from a pallet.

Sugar Bee Crafts pallet clock before

Mandy started with a typical pallet.  She recently discovered that there Michael’s sells clock making supplies, so she picked up everything else she needed there.  To add a bit of color and flair to this project, Mandy spray painted the clock pieces a pretty shade of aqua blue.  Now that it is hanging on her wall, Mandy says, “I just love to sit back and stare at it.  And here the comforting tick-tock.  I really enjoy the dimension that the pallet gives to the wall.  And before it was just a blank wall above the piano – this fills the space perfectly.”  Great project, Mandy!

Sugar Bee Crafts pallet clock after

You can learn more about this clock at Sugar Bee Crafts.


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