Colorful Bench for the Porch

Over at Dee Constructed, Dee was at a friend’s home when she spotted this bench in a corner of the garage.  The bench was unloved and unwanted, covered in dust and cobwebs.  When Dee exclaimed over it, her friend was more than happy to load it into the back of Dee’s car to go home with her.

Dee Constructed painted bench before

Dee was certain that once she gave the bench a little TLC, she had a perfect spot for it on her front porch.  She painted the body of the bench a pretty spring green, and added some colorful, awning-style stripes to the bench.  A few painted wooden medallions gave the bench some added flair.  It looks terrific on Dee’s porch!  It’s also super functional, as Dee tells us, “The seat top lifts up for storage so my dust broom and pan are kept handy. I also stashed a pair of pruning sheers and a garden hand shovel inside for quick access.”  I love those happy colors!

Dee Constructed painted bench after

You can find out more about this project at Dee Constructed.

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